Rachie (rachie_kitty) wrote in create_journals,

hey everyone ^_^

hey, im not sure if i completely understand how this works but i thought id give it a try, im gonna start a paper journal based on my theme and send it around to people to add to it and then eventually having it return to me to read. if you would like to take part please make a comment and i can email you and add you to the list of participants. please join in it will be lots of fun and when its done ill scan it and post it online ^_^

anyways, im starting uni on monday and it gave me a great idea for a theme.... 'the first time i...' and the aim is for you to do 1, 2 or 3 pages with images, drawings, text etc about the first time you did different things. it may make more sense as it gets passed around.

and if you are thinking, well what do i get for this? im gonna put a little surprise present in for each person who takes part.

so what are you waiting for??
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