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creative journals

this is a place for creative people, and journals
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this journal is for people who like journals.....as in paper journals :)

basically people sign up for certain journals theyd like to take part in and then it just goes from there really, by the closing date for that certain journal whoever's first on the list will soon recieve the journal in the post, passing it onto the next relevent person until it gets to the last person then its sent to whoever it belongs to:)

people can add drawings, pictures, diary type writings, reciepts, tickets, anything really, i guess sometimes it depends on the theme (sometimes there wont even be a theme) :)

anyone can submit ideas to this community for journals, and anyone's got a chance of their theme being picked :P

there can be allll sorts, favourite films,favourite comedy quotes, "a day in the life", etc etc

people can feel free to post pictures of how the journal is coming along aswell and people can make posts about whether theyve recieved it, sent it of etc

i guess ill leave it to you if you would like to join :)

all i ask is you send an email to create_journals@hotmail.co.uk with your name and address, and where you found the community